Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Italian Team for UCI Road World Championships, Part II

Part I

Continuing with the Italian national team selections for the 2011 UCI Road World Championships in Copenhagen, Denmark, from 19 to 25 September:

Juniors, Women
Rossella Ratto (Giusfredi Ciclismo), European champion
Beatrice Bartelloni (Verso l'Iride)
Maria Giulia Confalonieri (Fiorin Despar)
Dalia Muccioli (Potentia 1945)
Chiara Vannucci (Fiorin Despar)
reserve: Ilaria Sanguineti (Team Valcar)

Time trial: Bartelloni, Confalonieri and Ratto with Stella Riverditi (Nuovo Ciclismo Asti) in reserve.

Juniors, Men
Alberto Bettiol (Stabbia Iperfinish)
Simone Andreetta (Cieffe Forni)
Niccolò Bonifazio (Team Pbr)
Davide Martinelli (Feralpi)
Jacopo Mosca (Ucab Biella)
Federico Zurlo (Postumia 73)
Riccardo Donato (Work Service Brenta)
Nicholas Marini
Matteo Cigala (Aspiratori Otelli Zani)

Time trial: by Thursday three of the men will be chosen from among Martinelli, Bettiol, Mosca and Donato.

Under 23 (Men)
Eugenio Alafaci (Lucchini Maniva Ski)
Nicola Boem (Zalf Désirée Fior)
Sonny Colbrelli (Zalf Désirée Fior)
Massimo Coledan (Trevigiani Dynamon)
Christian Delle Stelle (Trevigiani Dynamon)
Filippo Fortin (Trevigiani Dynamon)
Gianluca Leonardi (Marchiol Ati Site)
Matteo Mammini (Mastromarco Sensi)

Time trial: Mammini and Coledan with Leonardi in reserve

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