Monday, February 27, 2012

2012 "La Magnifica", 1st Edition

"La Magnifica" is a new gran fondo on the calendar that will feature strade bianche, cobbles, and a finish in a velodrome. From Forlì, to the Republic of San Marion and back to Forlì this gran fondo is going to be a challenge with its 5400 meters of elevation gain:

The event date is 9 September, 2012

Corto: Forlì – Teodorano – Forlì; 56 km (20% non-asphalt)
Medio: Forlì – Monte Tiffi – Forlì; 130 km (12% non-asphalt)
Lungo: Forlì - San Marino - Forlì; 227km (10% non-asphalt)
Lungo course profile:

Event website (in Italian only):

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  1. Great promo clip! Makes me want to get out there and do Monte Carpegna. It's great they're including some sterrata as well. We loved doing our Emilia-Romagna tour and are sad the interest in it has waned to the point we no longer include it on our regular schedule.

  2. I tried to subscribe to this race on Universal Sports, but as a non-American they won't let me. Something about licensing rights outside the USA but no broadcaster in my country is broadcasting this race so Universal really should make the effort to accommodate cycling fans outside the USA!

  3. Robbin: I think this comment regards the Strade Binache race on Saturday. One the race starts go to and see if they have picked up a feed; they might also pickup a feed later in the race so keep trying... is a great site to find feeds...