Thursday, February 16, 2012

Giro d'Italia "Albo d'Oro", Part II

Yesterday we asked the question, "When will the Giro d'Italia change the winner for 2011 from Alberto Contador to Michele Scarponi?" and we tweeted Michele Aquarone, Managing Director at RCS Sports (head of Giro d'Italia), with the question.

In reply Mr. Acquarone wrote, "Work in progress! :)"

Respected INRNG wrote in with, "ASO say they are waiting for formal instructions from the UCI, only then can they act on 2010 Tour result"

To which Mr. Acquarone replied to with, "Maybe I'm wrong but I believe that CAS already did it..."

I looked back at the CAS report and in fact it does say (edited for brevity), "Mr. Contador is disqualified from the Tour de France...from all competitions he participated in after January 25, 2011....including forfeiture of any medals, points and prizes."

To which INRNG pointed me to the Tour de France posting on their website in which it says (bolding is mine), "The CAS suspended the Spanish rider for two years. He was also stripped of the title for the Tour de France 2010 as well as his victories in 2011, including the Giro d’Italia. On the basis of this verdict, the International Cycling Union is likely to award victory for the 2010 edition to Andy Schleck, the runner-up in the race."

So, the question that remains open at the moment is whether the UCI is part of a process that is not yet complete to allow TdF and Giro to officially announce new winners?

Time will tell...

Later update thanks to INRNG: UCI on February 6, 2012 stated, "Alberto Contador case: the consequences of the CAS ruling: The disqualification of Alberto Contador from the 2010 Tour de France as a result of the CAS ruling as well as his suspension backdated to 25 January 2011 entails the amendment of the classifications of all events in which the rider participated during this period as well as other associated rankings."

It appears this would be the reason for the delays in officially recognizing the new winners.

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