Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Actual CAS Report on Contador Decision

If you wish to to read the actual report issued by Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS)in its decision against Alberto Contador you can read it here; this is a pdf file of scans of the CAS document, it is published on the Spanish newspaper El Pais website. The report is in English.

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  1. Doing a fast review of the court findings seems Contador got the short end of the stick. Looks as if the court agreed that the amount found in the blood was not enough to help performance and that it could have come from meat.

    Sample aside there was no evidence. Not a Contador fan but he is being given a hard finding based on the case. This all goes to how do we best keep drugs out but not over react to the problum

  2. If "Il Pistolero" had raced under a federation known to be tough on antidoping OR a team other than one controlled by notorious manager Manolo Saiz OR had not been alleged to have ties to Operation Puerto, Larry would perhaps have given him the benefit of doubt. BUT considering those things he thinks this Spaniard has been getting away with cheating for most of his career, he just messed up the doping program this one time, which allowed a tiny trace of banned drug to be found in his test samples. If/when he has to give back the prize money he "won" while either cheating or while he should have been serving out his sanction - justice might be done. The ratio of those unfairly punished for doping vs those who've been given that benefit of the doubt (as in A sample positive, B sample negative = no sanction)is hundreds to one in favor of the dopers. Don't be fooled by bogus excuses like contaminated beef, they've got a million of 'em!