Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Photos that Hurt My Eyes

My understanding of these photos (click to enlarge):

1) these are fake Pinarello's being made somewhere in Asia (and yes, real Pinarello frames are made somewhere in Asia as well).

2) these are probably real Masi bikes being made somewhere in Asia. That is unless someone has decided to make fake Masi frames. Of course, today's Masi has nothing to do with the old Masi as the Masi name was sold long ago...back in 1972, you can read more here about that.

Of the Italian brands Pinarello seems to have the biggest problem with counterfeit framesets being made.  However, now there are fakes of Bianchi and Colnago coming into the stream.

It doesn't stop with framesets. Fakes of carbon parts of all kinds are also being manufactured.

Buy only from authorized dealers to ensure you are not buying a fake.

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  1. Are you suggesting that the folks making real Masi frames also make fake Pinarellos? Because it's the same people in both photos, right?

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  3. Most of the carbon frames are made in china, that´s a fact. The main problem is te over pricing policy of most of the big brands. Technology and development cost money, it´s true... but most of the 3.000 or 5.000$ frame does´t cost that. Even a Dogma or a Venge frame. You pay for marketing and that hurts the pocket

  4. Larry says this is the sad result when GREED overtakes other considerations. Sending your ideas and more to a country where intellectual property or patented design is a concept unknown in the culture makes pretty certain that this will be the result. Nobody should be surprised at this, least of all the folks who made the decision to have their products made there. This is why so many ads in Bicisport, etc. now say 100% Made-in-Italy.... there IS a difference and some are willing to pay for it. It does seem that more and more carbon-fiber bike production is being done in Italy now - perhaps some have seen the error of their ways?

  5. Wow. I call that the smoking gun. And some US sellers still preach the benefit of Asian production (hint C.C. are the initials of one mega-online store). A few questions come to mind. Which carbon frames have gone down in price over the last few years? Who is saving (making) money? Shareholders of huge companies, owners, distributors, reps, bike shops? It sure isn't the buyer. And again I am reminded of Robert Pirsig's analysis of 'quality.' It is the relationship between the item being produced and the craftsman that produces it. Anything else is pure business and a money making venture. I am sick of it.