Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Creative? Create the Brand for the “Giro del Lazio” (Tour of Latium)


The Bicycle Race
This race has a very long history in Italian bicycle racing. Established in1933, the race was known as the “Giro del Lazio” (Tour of Latium), the Italian region that surrounds Rome. The race – a men’s road race of 1.1 category – is included in UCI Europe Tour calendar and next year will be held the first weekend in March; it would be the 74th edition of the race.

The race is a one-day race with a distance of 200 km. The starting point is Rome where riders will start by passing the great monuments before riding along the ancient Via Appia (Appia road), one of the most important arterial roads of ancient Italy. The route passes then passes the hills and the countryside of the Latium region before returning to Rome.

RCS Sport, born under the aegis of Italy's sports newspaper “La Gazzetta dello Sport”, wants you to develop the new identity of this historical bicycle race. Through this contest, RCS Sports wants to collect original proposals to freshen up the image of the race. RCS Sport already organizes major Italian bicycle races (Giro d’Italia, Milano– anremo, Il Lombardia, Tirreno–Adriatico, Strade Bianche) and other important sports events.

What you have to create is the new official identity of the bicycle race:
- Brand name – able to recall its origins but also modern and international.
- Logo
- Logotype

End date of Contest: November 30, 2012

All details for entry here.

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  1. We're glad to hear they're bringing back this race. Our friend Mauro Mondonico told us of a time when they raced over portions of the Appia Antica (the ancient Appian Way) where the team cars lost an oil pan now and then! We'd LOVE to see them include this road again.