Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Reminder: Creative? Create the Brand for the “Giro del Lazio” (Tour of Latium)

Reminder: the submission period for the branding contest ends November 30th. RCS Sport, born under the aegis of Italy's sports newspaper “La Gazzetta dello Sport”, wants you to develop the new identity of this historical bicycle race. Details in previous post here.

Note: RCS Sport has made a new stipulation you should be aware of:

Because of marketing reasons you’re kindly asked not to use neither the word “giro” nor ”tour”.  This because RCS Sports doesn’t want the sport event to be confused with other important races, especially the “Giro d’Italia” that is often referred to as “Giro”. Please don’t forget to review your proposal in light of this important detail.

The new version of the race, scheduled for March 2013, will ride along the Via Appia. Will it include this?:

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  1. Great photo! When we lived in Rome for a brief time we rented some junky bikes and rode on the ancient Appian Way. It would be great to again see the pros race here. Our friend Mauro Mondonico said they'd tear the oil pans off the team cars now and then, just like in Paris-Roubaix. If they will race on a portion of it maybe they should call it Appia Antica in the way they do with Strade Bianche? More variety in courses is certainly a good idea to us!