Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Campy CODE Shops in Italy

In January of this year Campagnolo announced a new project to identify a network of partners that would not only be a Campagnolo "Pro-Shop" but shops that are also characterized by professionalism, competence and loyalty to the brand. The project name is "Campy CODE" (Campagnolo Opinion Dealer) and to date 19 have been identified in Italy as follows:

- Cicli Capella (TO), Corso Francia 217 - Collegno
- Ciclissimo (BO), Via del Papa 309 - Crevalcore
- La Bici Di Braini (AL), Strada del Vapore 17 - Arquata Scrivia
- Bianchi Amelio (VA), Via Italia 12 - Marnate
- Somec (RA), Via San Martino 1/A - San Agata sul Santerno
- Sportissimo (MO), Via San Faustino 132/A - Modena
- Motta Roberto (MI), Via per Seregno 19 - Desio
- Dosi Valter (BO), Via Marconi 139 - Imola
- Cicli Mattio (CN), Via Donatori di Sangue 1 - Piasco
- Cicli Tonti (RN), Via S. Allende 99 - Cattolica
- Granciclismo (PN), Viale San Giovanni del Tempio 26/F - Sacile
- GTeam di Granzon (UD), Via P.Michelini 1/6 - Remanzacco
- Cicli Liotto (VI), Via Ragazzi del '99 42/44/46 - Vicenza
- Cavalera Michele (VI), Via Marangoni 56 - San Zeno di Cassola
- Cicli Fontana (VR), Via C.Battisti 128 - Domegliara di Sant'Ambrogio
- Eurovelo (TV), Viale Matteotti 89 - Vittorio Veneto
- Flarer (BZ), Via Dei Prati 8 - Merano
- Zamar Sport (VI), Piazzale dello Sport 2 - Castelfranco Veneto
- Cicli Viviani (RO), Via Stadio 16 - Taglio di Po'

In-store Campy CODE customers will be able to find highly skilled and up to date mechanics on the world of Campagnolo thanks to specific technical training across the product range, and in particular on Campagnolo EPS electronic groups.

The CODE will also be the reference point for the brand in the area for all local activities such as product test sessions devoted to new Campagnolo products. The stores will also have the earliest product news. 

There may be an announcement at Eurobike, at the end of the month, about extending the program outside of Italy. In any case, if you find yourself needing Campagnolo service or information the above list should be useful.

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  1. It's great that Campagnolo is keeping a focus on the service end of things in a world where so much is "throw away".
    Disclaimer: Campagnolo is an official supplier to CycleItalia