Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Changes at Italian Cycling Journal

I began the Italian Cycling Journal in January, 2007. For the first couple of years it was the mechanism for sharing my personal Italian ride stories. Through the years ICJ morphed into covering many aspects of Italian cycling.

Now almost seven years old, the blog already contains more than 3,000 entries. In August, 2011, I enabled a visitor statistics app which indicates there have been very close to 1.2 million visitors, representing 205 countries. 

At this point I would like the blog to be more reader driven, where YOU are the guest contributor. Just email me at veronaman@gmail.com with a story, a tip (like the one I have yet to publish about a 2014 ride for Passoni owners), etc. The upshot of this change will be that the amount of content will likely change a great deal since it will be dependent upon your contributions.

Special thank you to all that have already contributed.

Angelo senza la o.

Content for the Italian Cycling Journal is based upon contributions from readers. Please contribute. Stories about rides, granfondos, touring, having a good time cycling in Italy, Italian cycling history, racing, etc. are always welcome. Contact me at veronaman@gmail.com. 

Follow on Twitter: ITALIANCYCJOURN or receive an email when new content is added using the "Follow by Email" button on the right side column. With more than 3,000 stories in this blog the custom search feature (right column) works best for finding subjects in the blog. There is also a translate button underneath the search button.

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