Tuesday, October 7, 2008

NJ: It's Good To Have More Than 1 Bike

Tuesday, October 7th: Today was a day for taking it easy, soaking in lots of sunshine, and a brief adventure on the scenic Columbia Trail. A perfect recipe for taking out my Malagnini for a spin.

When I went shopping for my first bike in 1991 I remember the salesperson explaining the differences in the road bikes being sold. I also remember thinking, "What's this guy talking about? A bike is a bike." I was to learn that there can be significant differences between bikes.

For long rides at a steady pace I enjoy taking out my Malagnini built with Columbus SLX and coupled with Mavic 32 spoke wheels with DuraAce hubs. The ride is so smooth that you find yourself immersed in your surroundings and forgetting that you have to pedal.

Each of my bikes excels in one way or another. I focus on different materials: Columbus SLX, MAX, PS, EL-OS; Tange Prestige, etc. Between differences in materials, wheels, and geometry each bike is different and contributes to encouraging me to going out and riding. With careful purchasing you can own several fine older steel bikes for the cost of one medium priced carbon bike.

My Malagnini which is superbly balanced, and fitted with 19mm Michelin tires, handled the hard packed Columbia Trail just fine.

Photos: the South Branch of the Raritan River in Califon, horse farm, Fall colors are beginning, Columbia Trail (It was created from portions of the former Central Railroad of New Jersey High Bridge Branch ; built in 1876, the railroad branch line was used for passenger and freight traffic.)

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  1. ciao Angel,
    looking at your pics you have no idea how much I invide you!
    Italy is beautiful, sure, but I think springs like in NJ are difficult to see somewhere else!
    Am I wrong?!?