Friday, November 28, 2008

CONFENTE Registry Announced

Do you have a Confente? Do you know someone that does? A registry for Confente bikes has been announced. Email for more information, or for registering your Confente (should you be so lucky!). The registry will be at

The announcement made by the organizer of the registry:
"For some time vintage bike collectors have lamented the lack of a Confente Registry. A Confente Registry is now being established. The Internet Domain has been acquired for this purpose, and factual as well as photographic information on Confente bicycles, and on Mario Confente himself is being sought. For the moment, the Confente Registry will be limited to only those cycles made by Mario Confente and labeled as Confentes. The Confente Registry will not currently include bicycles made by Mario Confente and sold under other names. The information received will be available, gratis, on the internet. The format of the Confente Registry will be similar to that currently used in other vintage bike registries.The Confente Registry will also publish original information and photographs relating to Mario Confente, some of which have only recently become available.What is now sought from owners of Confente bikes is: the bike's serial number (if apparent), the date manufactured (if known), the dimensions and type of bike (strada, pista, etc.), the color(s) of the bike, the gearing group, and any special features (pantography, etc.). Needless to say, any other information on Mario Confente and his bikes will be gladly accepted. The name(s) of the owners of the bikes inserted into the registry may be listed or kept confidential if so desired.The Confente Registry will be non-profit, however, links to other relevant sites and organisations maybe made available.Any and all information should be sent to"

You can search my blog under Confente to find the three part story of my visit with Mario Confente's sister in Verona, Italy

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