Friday, November 7, 2008

NJ: The Simple Pleasures of Life.....

Just by chance I stopped in at the Randazzo Pastry Shop in Somerville, NJ. To my delight I discovered that they had small selection of BAULI "pandoro" from Verona, a traditional Christmas cake that was invented in Verona in the early 1900s. Translated "pandoro" means "bread of gold". One came home with me.

Thoughts of Verona brought me back to the reality of the cappuccino situation here. In three years in Verona I became accustomed to the best espresso and cappuccino. In my travels in NJ I stop into coffee places and try the cappuccino. They have ranged from terrible to just OK. So, after I came home with the pandoro I decided to get myself organized and tackle the decalification (removal of calcium deposits) in the boiler of my old hand-pump Pavoni machine.

Five hours later I was finish. I was ready for the big test. After drinking American style coffee for the last several months the first cappuccino with the Pavoni was sublime. So smooth and delicious. My goal is to make cappuccino as good as my friends at Tubino in Verona.

By the way, one of the websites I enjoy visiting on the subject of espresso is

Photos: my Bauli pandoro "find", the first cappuccino cup on the revived Pavoni machine, my friends at Tubino in Verona

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