Saturday, August 8, 2009

Colnago Master 55th Anniversary

Colnago has introduced a limited edition "Master 55th Anniversary" to celebrate its 55th anniversary. Ninety nine bikes will be made for worldwide distribution with 25 going to the USA and 25 to Japan. Price? $11,699.00.

The steel Colnago Master frameset has a very special and unique place in the world of cycling. Easily recognizable from its Master profile top and down tubes, the Master is paired with the famous Precisa chrome steel fork developed by Ernesto Colnago to improve ride feel and handling of the bicycle. Precisa – Italian for “precise” – describes the straight-bladed fork, and is a distinctive trademark for all Colnago forks which have followed.

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  1. A very interesting choice for an anniversary bike. Ernesto Colnago always liked the Arabesque with its fancy lugs. His detractors claim their design was borrowed from Rauler.
    In the past Colnago has made a few very eloborate frame-sets combining Arabesque lugs with shaped tubes and glitzy paintwork. These were marketed under the name "Regal", among others.
    George Hollenberg MD

  2. Not sure what the Arabesque lugs have to do with this 55th Aniversary bike. The lugs on this frame are the "Art Deco" lugs first used on the MasterPiĆ¹, and nothing to do with the lugs designed by Raul Gozzi. Lovely bike. Now we just need a modern day ICS to polish up some gold plated 11-speed Super Record parts and this bike will be a classic for the ages!!!

  3. These lugs are elaborate although they are more similar to the Master than the Arabesque lugs.
    ICS is no longer in business-Mr. Granzotto now makes stethoscopes, however, if you can afford to go the full "glitz route", I can recommend another company that does not only gold over aluminum plating, but gold over carbon fiber gilding. These two processes will get you a real glitz queen.

  4. What's with the steel fork? It's got carbon everything else. Why bow to tradition there?

  5. The lugs look the exactly the same as the ones on my old 94 Master Olympic Decor. I tried to sell that bike 10 years ago - no one was interested even at a few hundred pounds sterling. Glad I had to keep it now.

  6. Hi,
    I am Danny. Bought One of the 99 pieces and everywhere I ride, I got Great comments on it! They even recognize me after a year! Also Johan Museeuw told me never to sel it as its value is not tangible. Great bike, I still have the original blue One also, already for 12 years! Not for sale! Never...