Thursday, February 10, 2011

2011 L'Eroica Registrations Pass 1000 Quickly

As reported earlier field limits have been implemented for the 2011 L'Eroica. Read the details here and register early. The organizers have just reported:

"Tuesday morning at the L'Eroica headquarters registration number 1000 was recorded just one week after opening registration for the 2011 edition, which is scheduled for Sunday 2 October in Gaiole in Chianti (SI), and the rate of subscriptions continues to grow very quickly. Among the over one thousand riders registered more than 40 percent come from abroad. This figure is very indicative of the resonance that the L'Eroica enjoys worldwide. Despite the many requests, however, we cannot exceed 3500 athletes in total. So we invite everybody to be quick to ensure their participation".

Scrolling down the list of the first riders to register, we discover that the first was a cycling enthusiast from Seattle in the United States. Our American friend took advantage of the fact that we opened the website at 10pm instead of at midnight on 1 February then the time difference meant that he was lucky enough to be the first to register.

His speed deserves some recognition so let's get to know Brandon Crook, the protagonist of this little record, a bit better:

Do you remember the first time you heard about L’Eroica? “I can't remember where I first heard of L'Eroica, but I was officially sold on the ride by the Brooks video on youtube”.

So, will this be your first time in Gaiole in Chianti?: “Yes, this will be my first time riding L'Eroica”.

You were the fastest rider to register online for l’Eroica 2011. “I was so nervous about getting in with the rider limitations that I guess I ended up being the first to register!"

How often do you ride? “I'm 30 years old and have been riding a bike my whole life. Most of my cycling these days are just weekend rides or riding home from work (around 30 miles/50km)”.

What is your plan for L’Eroica? “I'll be arriving in Italy a couple of days before L'Eroica with a group of friends (Monica Parsons, Niki Thompson, Urban Faubion, all from Seattle!). Our plan is to ride L'Eroica and follow that up by spending the next 4 or 5 days riding through Tuscany. That is actually why we only signed up for the 75km Eroica ride, we want to be able to get back on the bike the next day! Our itinerary prior to L'Eroica includes a couple of weeks climbing in the Alps and a few days in Munich for Oktoberfest. Then we ride!!”

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