Thursday, February 9, 2012

GranFondo USA Series Changes from Colnago to Cannondale

The GranFondo USA series, now owned by Star-Events from Monaco, is changing sponsors from Colnago to Cannondale. All the series locations are now identified as GranFondo Cannondale followed by the location name. Events this year will be held in San Diego, LA – Beverly Hills, Philadelphia, Vail, Reno and Miami.

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  1. Sad that Colnago is no longer involved but maybe the price tag got too big for an outfit that makes a small number of bikes vs Cannondale? What's next, a change to "Big Ride" instead of Gran Fondo?

  2. Well that certainly makes it lose its appeal, at least for me. I agree with Larry and Heather.

  3. "Star Events"...the name says it all. Maybe they can get Lady Gaga or Brittany Spears to open the event. Janet Jackson can appear partially clothed and it will be a success.

    Ditto the other comments. No more interest for me. I didn't even know Cannondale made bikes after the aluminum fad passed.