Sunday, February 12, 2012

Viviani: 1390 Watts, 250m, Sprint

I took note that Elia Viviani (Liquigas-Cannondale) said he peaked at 1390 watts in the 250m bunch sprint to win the 1st stage yesterday at Giro della Provincia di Reggio Calabria. The stage, from Melito Porto Salvo to Chiaravalle Centrale was 170.2km in length. Finishing 2nd and 3rd in the stage were Daniele Colli (Team Type 1-Sanofi) and Elia Favilli (Farnese Vini-Selle Italia).

That's a lot of watts. Anyone with more watts stats for pro cyclists?

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  1. it's nice. peaking 1400watts is easy enough.(really, we are about cat2 but i have people in the local team who can peak 1300w while sprinting uphill)
    what's amazing is these guys can do it in a 170km stage finish, and sustain it for half a minute between 1100-1400w.
    track sprinters can do more. Petacchi allegedly does around 1600watts in a sprint. track racers can do the better part of 2000. these are all amazing numbers.
    consider, that even a on a long stage like this, only about a 170-230watts is needed for idling at the pace of the peloton.
    sources: 3years racing/training experience with wattage.

  2. Larry says watts..schmatts...if that's all that counts the race organizers could save a lot of time and trouble by just setting up trainers in the town square and seeing who can crank the watt-meter up the highest. All that counts is who is first across the finish line. Looks cold there, we were lucky with sun and 10+C temps here in Sicily today.

  3. Like your style Larry - totally agree that bike riding is about so much more than just science: it's skill combined with passion, guile, cunning, knowing when to bluff, and when to dig deeper and go harder than your pulsemeter/powermeter tells you. It's about wanting to win a bike race, not stats and numbers. La grinta, as our Italian friends would say.

  4. Greipel hit 1940 watts in training...( Renshaw also hit around 1700 watts in TDU this year and you know Greipel beat him. Power is just one of the barometers of great cyclists,though.

  5. @all: thanks. I'm curios about watts, mainly because I lack in them! Some searching yielded these peak watt numbers:
    Chris Hoy: 2300 watts
    Marty Nothstein: 2200 watts
    Cipollini: 1900 watts
    Petacchi: 1700 watts
    Boardman: 1000 watts