Friday, September 28, 2007

Forced Rest

Since I sliced the back of my leg with the big chainring on Sunday I've been taking time off from the bike to let the wound heal. The rest from the bike feels quite good actually. I guess it was needed and I didn't realize it. Fortunately, the weather here in Verona turned very cool suddenly with lots of rain so it has been a perfect time for some downtime.

I welcome some cool temperatures after 6 months of Mediterranean weather, and hardly any rain. There weren't many excuses NOT to ride. The healing has been coming along very well so we'll be riding again tomorrow coincident with beautiful weather returning. The Granfondo Italia is coming up on October 20th so I still have to maintain some reasonable amount of conditioning. After that it's back to some casual rides.

While I've been relaxing I've been going to the gym and doing some weight training, and walking around Verona taking photos. The historic center is really lovely.

Photo: Piazze Erbe and Torre Lamberti at night; the piazza is a nice spot for an outdoor evening dinner at Cafe Filippini or having a glass of wine at Cafe Bloom and people watching

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