Sunday, September 23, 2007

Good Start, Bad Ending

After many thousands of KMs in the last two years here in Italy I had my first accident. Returning from the Fiera del Riso raduno I was only two blocks from home when it happened. And, I accomplished it all by myself!

I came to a traffic light and unclipped from my left side as I usually do. When I put my left foot down on the ground, for some reason, it slipped on the surface. I started falling towards the left. In trying to get my right foot out of the pedal I pulled back and the chain fell towards the inside and everything went loose. I recovered my balance but my right leg lost the battle against the large chainring, cutting the back of my leg. Chainrings are like razors and the cut was very nasty.

Fortunately, I was close to home. Ms. E. did a great job of cleaning the wound, applying medication, and bandaging. Hopefully it will heal quickly.

Photo: early morning at the Fiera

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