Monday, September 3, 2007

Ride to Lago di Tenno

Saturday's ride was to Lago di Tenno north of Lake Garda in the province of Trento. The ride start was going to be in Porto, 55 km from Verona. All the club members decided to drive to the start but I wanted to get one really long ride in before the Granfondo Avesani. The ride itself was going to be 105 km so that meant it would be a 215 km (133.6 mile) ride for me.

I departed Verona at 6:45 a.m. and spun all the way to Bardolino. There I grabbed the wheels of passing cyclists here and there all the way to Porto were I arrived exactly at 9:00 a.m. for the ride start.

From Porto we headed north along the east coast of Lake Garda to Torbole, then Riva di Garda at the north end of Lake Garda. From Riva we did a beautiful, not so difficult climb, to Lago Tenno. An alpine lake, Lago di Tenno, is a beautiful turquoise color. From there we cycled north through a beautiful valley before turning back south towards Riva, and back to Porto.

In Porto we had a nice lunch at the campsite where Gruppo 1 club members Atillio and Juliana spend their weekends away from Verona during the summer.

After a long lunch of good food, wine, I was wishing that I didn't have to ride all the way back to Verona. But, I did.
Photos: Lago Tenno; Riva di Garda (from a previous trip)

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