Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Postscript to 2007 Granfondo Avesani

I had written:

"The descent into Avio was an incredibly beautiful, somewhat technical, 22 km. The views were spectacular; I'll have to ride up there again some time with my camera. On the descent I was passed by a number of ambulances which always gives me the chills. I passed two down riders that looked seriously injured. A reminder that you always have to be very careful on descents on these small roads."

Today I learned that one of those riders that crashed is a friend of mine. "Petra" is an excellent rider, usually placing on the podium and sometimes winning 1st overall in the women's category, as in the Granfondo Eddy Merckx.

How the accident happened was really strange. Apparently, an ambulance was driving up from Avio, counter to the flow of the race, in order to reach the first rider that had crashed on the descent. Petra in the mean time was descending. The ambulance, being driven without its sirens or flashing lights, took Petra down near a switchback.

Petra has what I gather is something similar to a separated shoulder. She's presently in a cast and after 20 days there will be a determination if the problem will heal itself or if surgery will be required.

Get Well Petra.

Photo: Petra at the Eros Poli dinner before departing for France

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