Friday, February 8, 2008

6 Hour Photo Ride

It was a splendid day Tuesday so I grabbed my camera and did a long, easy, solo ride stopping often, but briefly, to take photographs. I departed Verona via Lungadige (the river frontage road) and headed west to snow covered Monte Baldo, and beyond that Lake Garda.
Winding my way past Pescantina I came across this flock of sheep. I am still surprised that 15 minutes from Verona you can find scenes like this.

Hail storms are fairly common so some vineyards deploy these black nets when there is a risk of hail in order to protect the vines.

A large network of canals deliver water from the north to the agricultural areas south of Verona. A short climb, seen on the left, brings you over a ridge onto a plateau before descending down into Lake Garda. This perspective gives a sense of the size of Monte Baldo.

I experimented and took some new roads that wind through vineyards with views of Lake Garda in the distance.

Bardolino, on Lake Garda, was sparkling and very photogenic today!

From Garda I did a nasty climb to the village of Maciaga. An overlook provided more photo opportunities.

The Villa Pelligrini-Cipolla at Castion di Costermano is spectacular, a nice place to get married or throw a party to impress your friends.

Using different roads I wound my way back to Pescantina, passing a trout fisherman.

The Castelvecchio welcomed me as I re-entered the historic center of Verona.

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