Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Festa de la Renga Ride

The snow capped Monte Baldo dominated the scenery on our giro to Lake Garda on a lovely 14C, sunny, day. Today marked the end of Carnavale and Verona tradition has it, back to at least the 1830s, that the town of Parona hosts a food festival centered around "la renga". La renga is one of those very localized specialties that exists throughout Italy. I'm sure you could travel to nearby Vicenza and they would be totally unfamiliar with it. This lovefest with la renga lasts for 2 days, then you have to wait another year to have it again!

The Wednesday riders had been invited to a private lunch where I promptly over indulged myself. As best as I could determine this fish dish begins with smoked herring which sits in olive oil and capers (and other ingredients) for one week. It is served with polenta (not soft polenta) and it tends to be salty which is as good a reason as any other to make sure there are large quantities of Valpolicella wines on hand.

Fun day.

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