Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Bike Prices in Italy

CT magazine publishes a fairly comprehensive list each month of bikes by builder, model, and their price. You will rarely find bikes on sale in Italy, any discounts have to be negotiated with the store owner. Don't expect any deep discounts either. My personal observation is that everything is overpriced due to a lack of competition. In fact, it's not uncommon that you can buy an Italian bike in the USA for less than in Italy. How weird is that?

The following prices, from the February, 2008, CT are in Euro. You can use this currency converter to calculate the price in your currency: http://www.xe.com/ucc/

I've selected a sampling of high end offering of each manufacturer to give you an idea of pricing here in Italy. In some cases the top models may be available in either Record, DuraAce, SRAM Red or Force.

Bianchi 928 Carbon Sl with Record 7,600 Euro
Cannondale Super Six Ultimate with SRAM Red 11,999 Euro
Carrera Phibra with SRAM Red 6,640 Euro (in photo above)
Casati Marte with Record 7,091 Euro
Cinelli Best Of with Record 6,400 Euro
Daccordi Sansone Full Carbon with Record 5,640 Euro
De Rosa X.S. Titanium frame only 3,600 Euro
Felt F1 with DuraAce 5,999 Euro
Fondriest TF1 with Record (or DuraAce) 6,200 Euro
FRW Somona with Record 6,250 Euro
Gios Carbon Lite frame only 1,600 Euro
IBIS Silk carbon frame only 1,590 Euro
Klein Q Elite Xx with DuraAce 5,690 Euro
KTM Renegade Presitge with DuraAce 5,399 Euro
Kuota KoM with Record 5,759 Euro
Lemond Tete de Course with SRAM Force 8,490 Euro
Litespeed Archon frame only 4,490 Euro
Merlin Extralight frame only 3,299 Euro
Museeuw MF1, gruppo not mentioned, 4,350 Euro
Olmo Zeffiro Vct with Record 6,320 Euro
Orbea Orca with SRAM Red 6,299 Euro
Parkpre RS 99 Team, frame only, 3,300 Euro
Passoni Mito, Ti/carbon, frame only 4,542 Euro
Scapin Ekle SL with Record 5,200 Euro
Specialized Tarmac SL2 with SRAM Red 6,290 Euro
Trek 6.9 Madone, group not specified, 8,199 Euro
Wilier Cento with Record 6,165 Euro

If you are American coming to visit Italy and are paying in dollars...well....it's going to be painful.


  1. It's not just bikes in Italy, Talisker Whisky costs almost twice as much when purchased from the “Talisker brewery” in Scotland, compared to the local "Iper" supermarket, go figure that one.

  2. The "global" marketplace can be very strange. BTW, I understand that the one unlit tunnel will be illuminated for the granfondo. Let's keep our fingers crossed. Are you coming?

  3. I hope so, our team did the medicals earlier this week, I am now waiting for my tessera etc, if it arrives in time I will be there. But you know how fast Italian paperwork can take.....

  4. Angelo, this is very interesting. Of course, Italian bikes have the brand name, but is I wonder if its getting costly for them to acquire carbon fiber, whose prices are already pretty high.