Friday, February 8, 2008

Italian Style: Cycling Shoes

No sooner did I buy those wild snake skin (they are actually leather) cycling shoes that I spoke about and what happens?
Sidi come out with these, as described by
"Sidi has announced that it will offer a limited number of its Ergo 2 road shoes in Paolo Bettini replica colors for 2008. Sidi will reportedly manufacture fewer than 2000 pairs of the flamboyant limited edition shoes which will include the World Champion's now-trademark rainbox stripes, a gold finish on the toe, tongue, and outer edge, and silver detailing elsewhere. Each pair will come in a specially designed box along with a drawstring bag and a signed letter from the Italian Quick Step rider.

"In the course of a career a cyclist changes many things: jerseys, bicycles, direction, often teammates and opponents," reads the letter from Bettini. "Only one thing has never changed in all this time, the shoes I use. Yes, I am speaking of my beloved cycling shoes."

"My Sidis have followed me to every corner of the world as my trusted companions, the fruit of the experience and the creativity of Dino Signori, Mr. Sidi," he adds. "I am sure that you, like me, will be seduced by the technical qualities and feel the passion that only this exclusive and extraordinary cycling shoe can offer."

Asthetics and packaging aside, Sidi's Paolo Bettini edition Ergo 2 shoes will be identical to the standard Ergo 2, but at US$549, will be roughly US$100 dearer than the standard version. The special edition Ergo 2 is expected to start arriving in bike shops around the globe in late May-early June according to the company's American distributors."
The only thing I can say is that mine were a lot less expensive, and made in much fewer numbers. Poor excuse, I know.


  1. But what about how ugly and pointless these shoes are?
    I mean - why would anyone wear them except to make fun of cycling gear that is hideous and expensive?

  2. Italian "moda" (style) can be difficult to understand some times.