Saturday, December 18, 2010

Campagnolo Bicycle Assembling Stand

Thanks to reader Touriste-Routier who said, "In addition to their normal line of tools, they (Campagnolo) also made a repair stand, as shown in their catalog #16. It was not on offer for very long."

Here is a photo from the 1969 Campagnolo catalog #16 showing the work stand, which officially was called the "bicycle assembling stand":
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  1. The first bike shop Larry worked in had one of these workstands - the owner was as Campagnolo-mad then as Larry is now! He had belt buckles, a limited edition clock and even had a really cool (and Larry wishes he knew what became of it when the shop closed) CAMPAGNOLO neon sign made up...a gorgeous, multi-color work of art and homage to Vicenza!

  2. @Heather: ohhhhh, I remember the Campagnolo clock now...

  3. One was on Ebay recently, it went for a lot! There aren't many around.