Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Columbus and Cyfac: New Partnership

"Italian style, painted in France"

Cyfac International, manufacturer of bicycles in La Fuye in the Loire Valley of France, has announced the launch of a new partnership with tubing supplier Columbus (Gruppo Spa) of Italy. Columbus has supplied Cyfac with various frame tubing and raw materials for nearly 30 years while Cyfac has collaborated extensively on tubing design and frame prototypes with the iconic brand. The two companies enjoy a historically vibrant relationship and embark upon a new venture to supply Columbus carbon framesets finished by Cyfac.

Cyfac will conduct last-step quality control and frame completion as well as paint all of Columbus’ carbon frames in stock and color-option iterations. Columbus chose Cyfac for its extensive framebuilding savoir-faire and reputation for quality and authenticity. The Columbus carbon frames carry the storied, SL, SLX, and Genius model names. Each frame is designed in Italy and will feature a “Finished by Cyfac” moniker as a symbol of quality and distinction. The frame offering will not compete with Cyfac’s own product line and Cyfac dealers have the opportunity to offer the two lines together.

Cyfac will distribute the frames in the French market with select international markets likely to follow.

Cyfac is currently accepting orders for delivery in early Spring 2011.

Photo: click to enlarge; left to to right: SLX, Genius, SL models (surely will make discussions confusing)

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