Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hmmmm... what a cool bike... never heard of it!

Guest contributor Chuck, from the USA, contributed this story during the reader contest period:

Hmmmm... what a cool bike... never heard of it!

"The precise moment when something important happens in your life is seldom caught on film... this snapshot is a rare exception.

Summer 1976, Griffith Park Road Race, Los Angeles, California... my wife Sherry has just snapped a picture of our six year old daughter Christa as the three of us watch the race. I'm 31, have been riding half a year and lost around 25 pounds, and am wearing matching Cool Gear jersey and hat (nobody owned a helmet back then), nylon Kucharik Helanca shorts, Adidas Super Eddy Merckx shoes and riding a full-Campy, Blue Mink/Silver, 1974 Raleigh Professional Mk. IV that I'm real proud of.

I'm staring at a white and yellow bike with a name I've never heard of and the thing literally takes my breath away! The closer I look, the more amazing details there are to see! I literally can't take my eyes off the thing! The decal says "Confente" and the guy bending over to clean the gravel out of his cleats is a guy I've never even heard of before, Mario Confente.

"Excuse me, but could you tell me about that bike you're riding?"

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  1. I think that's the bike Pergolizzi has now. It's too big for him. He should give it to me.

  2. @zipp3001: Mr. Perg. doesn't think the bike in this photo is one that he owns.