Thursday, February 17, 2011

"Leonardo" by ATR Group

ATR Group, located in Colonnella (TE), is an Italian research and production company of advanced structural composite parts and components that is best known in racing car circles. As an example, this Peugeot 908 HDI- FAP being prepared at ATR for Le Mans:
Lesser known is their collaboration with several Italian bicycle companies, including Colnago with whom they have developed several carbon fiber models.

This week ATR is exhibiting for the first time, at COMPOTEC Expo in Marina di Carrara, a full carbon fiber racing bike of their own design and construction in Colonnella. Named the "Leonardo" the bikes capitalizes on the knowledge the company gained in past collaborations and their composite materials expertise to "create unique features". We will have to wait to see and hear what those features are exactly.
ATR has been in financial difficulties and is currently operating under special administration. The bicycle project is seen as having excellent development prospects. With such a crowded marketplace I think it's going to be challenging prospect.

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  1. Thanks Angelo. Another one for my list with manufacturers of Italian racing bicycles. It now counts 642 brands! :-)