Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Basso, the Veneto framebuilding company that is celebrating 35 years, has launched a new website and new models. They have also added a brief section of history:

The meeting between Alcide Basso and the world of professional road cycling happened very early: as a child he had the good fortune to live in a family where day by day he saw how his brother developed to become a world champion, Alcide himself then competed at a high level as an athlete whilst forming an even stronger passion for the sport, he now continues as the creator of winning bikes for those who, like him, love cycling so much they make it an important part of their lives.

The force that pushes the company Basso to search for innovative solutions is the true tradition of Italian cycling, where the history of cycling is alive and runs every day in the passion of its characters. One of our first creations, the Gap, was a bicycle dedicated to a Basso of the past, Alcide’s brother, who won the World Championship in 1972. Since then, “Basso racing bikes” is the goal and the faith behind each and every one of our new products.

"For the bicycles that bear my name I use only the best materials, mainly derived from the aerospace industry, which are developed and engineered specifically for bicycle use. With these materials we have created the new Diamante, the Astra and the Laguna, all capable of outstanding performances. Every customer must have the certainty to receive a bike that is ‘tailored for him’ in every detail and component. By having the best tool, controlled with extreme care by our technicians, each individual can achieve their best possible performance."

Alcide Basso

This photo shows Alcide Basso (right) with Sante Pogliaghi:

"Sante Pogliaghi was one of the acknowledged masters of post war Italian frame builders. He was sought after by top Olympic and Professionals alike. While his track bikes, both solo and track are most famous, he also made superb road bikes. Sante passed away in the mid 1980s and the rights to manufacture frames under his name had been passed to Marc Rossin, then to the Basso brothers. Bikes from the 1970s and earlier, made by Sante himself, are highly prized by knowledgeable collectors." (Source Pogliaghi chapter in "The Custom Bicycle").

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