Thursday, January 26, 2012

Giro d'Italia 2012 Music Video "Beautiful Italy"

You're hearing/seeing it here, probably, first: The official music video of the 2012 Giro d'Italia, "Beautiful Italy", sung by Danish jazz singer Malene Mortensen:

Ironic: Stefano Garzelli is in the video but his team wasn't selected.

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  1. Larry says:Is this another sign of the Giro designed by committee? Who is this woman, the Danish Celine Dion? Why do they keep messing up a great montage of video clips to show her - singing in ENGLISH? Larry's with the folks at Bicisport in lamenting this screwball idea of taking the Giro to Denmark while ignoring the lower half of ITALY! Vincenzo Torriani must be doing 90 rpm in his grave right now. W il Giro!

  2. Totally agree with Larry there. It's supposed to be touring Italy, not other parts of the World. And can't we do what the football people did in 1990 and link the beauty of the country with the style & excitement of our sport with something more suitable, like opera, like they appropriated Nessun Dorma as a quasi anthem for the sport?

  3. Dead on Curtains! says Larry. The video montage morphing into the animated sequence of the guy riding into heaven with Pavarotti singing in the background was his all-time favorite. We suspect it can be found on YouTube somewhere? Sometimes those races themselves were not the most exciting, but the passion of the organization and the tifosi for La Corsa Rosa was very evident.