Thursday, January 26, 2012

Origin(s) of Bianchi Celeste, and more, Part II

If you read the comments in yesterday's entry about the origins of Bianchi celeste you would have discovered that the "Ugly Truth" Bianchi ad was a spoof by prollyisnotprobably.

Today, Rory, who writes an excellent blog, posted a scan (above) of the original Bianchi ad from 1984 in which Bianchi asked if they should keep celeste, color #227, or change it. Rory also provides another version of the origin of celeste and a few a couple of more Bianchi ad scans.

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1 comment:

  1. Faux or not, the issue's the same. They basically asked, "should we toss our history aside or keep it? You decide because we'll do whatever makes us the most money."
    Passion BEFORE profit or Passion FOR profit? Since it seems they no longer make ANY bikes in Italy, Larry thinks they made the latter choice.