Saturday, August 25, 2012

Partnership: GF Campagnolo Roma and GFNY

We mentioned in our story about the GranFondo Campagnolo Roma that it will be an "active partner" of Gran Fondo NewYork. We reached out to Uli Fluhme, organizer of the GFNY, for an explanation of the partnership. His reply:

"The winners of both races combined (male and female) will be the Champions of the Two Worlds, old and new. Both win a trip to one of the races the next year (flight plus accommodation). Plus, the 753th finisher of GF Roma (753 BC as the year of Rome's foundation) receives a GFNY kit and the 1,453rd finisher at GFNY (height in feet of the Empire State Building) a GF Roma kit.

In addition, GF Roma and GF NY support the same charity, Operation Smile ( Operation Smile provides free surgeries to repair cleft lip, cleft palate and other facial deformities for children around the globe. $240 changes a child's life.

GFNY will be present this October in Rome for the inaugural edition with its Gruppo Sportivo as well as many other GFNY finishers.

At the 2012 NYC Marathon Expo in November, both races share a booth where GFNY officially opens the 2013 edition while GF Roma will showcase its event to American and international visitors. The show includes the official jersey presentation, apparel fitting and merchandise sales.

Both GF Roma and GFNY intend to add other major cities to the Championship, such as Berlin, London and Rio de Janeiro."

GranFondo Campagnolo Roma October 14, 2012 (first edition)
Gran Fondo New York May 19, 2013

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