Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Training for the 2007 Granfondo Italia

The next event on my calendar is the Granfondo Italia in Carpi (near Modena) on October 20th. It's a race I enjoyed very much last year although it was a bit dangerous. The course is essentially flat with the exception of a 5km 8-10% climb so the other 90 KMs are very fast.

In preparation I'm doing a lot of big chainring riding along the Lungadige (a relatively quiet road in Verona that runs along the Adige River). I go back and forth until my legs feeling like falling off and then I go home like a wounded dog. If I'm lucky, like today, there will be others training and we take turns doing some hard pulls. Fun...?????

The event organizer puts together some very nice tours to the car factories and museums, the "Tour dei Motori". You can visit GALLERIA FERRARI, LA FABBRICA MASERATI, FABBRICA E IL MUSEO LAMBORGHINI, COLLEZIONE PRIVATA STANGUELLINI, COLLEZIONE D'AUTO E MOTO D'EPOCA UMBERTO PANINI and LA FABBRICA E IL MUSEO DUCATI. See details at

Worth a visit if only for this.

I like fast cars but buying fast bikes is a lot less expensive.

Photos: the 2006 GF Italia, course profile; the Ferrari Museum and the Panini Museum

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