Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Branded "L'Eroica" Racing Bike Survey

The L'Eroica organization is considering offering a "L'Eroica" branded racing bike. Before moving forward with the implementation of the project they are seeking input via a survey they have created:

Italian language survey
English language survey

I do note that have a carbon frame option which is a real mystery.

Any profits made from the sale of the bikes will be divided between the charities L'Eroica supports and the organizational costs of their events.

REMINDER: For the second year there will be field limits, explained here. Registration opens on March 1st at midnight ITALIAN TIME. The next edition takes place on October 7th. Registration is at

Photos: Angelo Ferrillo, Angelo Ferrillo Photography; more photos here

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  1. Larry wonders what the project is really about. Cashing in on the interest with a branded bike seems out-of-character for these folks, while selling "L'Eroica ready" machines seems to work against the spirit of rescuing and restoring the "bici di epoca" from the dusty barns and scrapheaps where they rust and corrode.

  2. I really enjoy the traditional bike makers that have made some retro bikes like Bianchi's Dolomiti from July 30, 2008 in this ICJ and the individual bike makers who have likewise made classic styled frames but I think Larry makes good points and with total respect, for that price, one would start wondering if this L'Eroica Special would have a track record. But hey, I'm for people being innovative too.


  3. Some people just don't have the time or inclination to restore or find an eligible bike. Two friends just noted their interest in L'Eroica but for the hassle of finding an old bike (one rides a 62cm at least). I am enthusiastic about vintage bikes but not everyone who is interested in L'Eroica is passionate about vintage rides and finding date correct gruppos. Finding some legitimate artisan shops brazing frames in the time-honored way and it might make the event more available to some. I guess this begs the question, isn't the ride already at capacity without introducing an eligible bike?