Tuesday, July 3, 2007

2007 Maratona dles Dolomites, Part IV, LeMond

To continue the story....

So, we are sitting outside having an afternoon espresso with apple strudel and a cyclists rides up, hurriedly puts his bike up against a wall and rushes inside. I turn to Ms. E., "I think that was Greg LeMond!". I look over at the bike and it's a .........LeMond! A few seconds later he comes back outside clutching a handfull of napkins. I say, "Greg?". He says, "Yes." in a surprised tone; there are only a few Americans that journey here for this granfondo.

Greg 's headed back to his bike and I start chatting with him. His chain hadn't been lubed so earlier he had put some olive oil on as an emergency measure. Now, there is a big mess that's splattered off the chain and he's furiously getting olive oil off the rims and brakes with the napkins. He explains that he's in a rush as he's riding the Maratona course today (Saturday, before race day) with his group.

As he cleans we talk and he takes time for a photo. Then he's off, headed towards the Campolongo climb.

Nice guy. Great champion.

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