Sunday, July 29, 2007

La Gazzetta dello Sport & the Giro d'Italia

The "La Gazzetta dello Sport" is THE national, daily, sports newspaper of Italy. The paper is printed on pink, or "rosa", paper. The first edition was on Friday, April 3, 1896; it was then printed twice a week on Friday and Monday.

The first Giro d'Italia, in 1909, came about because editor Emilio Camillo Costamagna wanted to increase the circulation of the newspaper (as had the Tour de France for L'Auto). The first Giro d'Italia started on May 13, 1909 at Milan with eight stages totalling 2,448 kilometres (1,521 miles). The race began with 127 racers but only 49 finished. The winner was Luigi Ganna who also won 5,325 lire.

Photos: 1909 Gazzetta front page showing winner Luigi Ganna

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