Friday, July 27, 2007

Going to the Milan EICMA Bike Show!

On the basis of my blog I applied for a press pass to the Milan EICMA Bicycle Show and was accepted! I enjoyed my general admission visit last year and hope that this year I'll have better access and information. This is the message I received:

"We would like to confirm that your registration for admission to EICMA Bicycle 2007 has been successfully completed. We'll see you at EICMA Bicycle." The show will be November 8th to 11th.
The biggest announcement thus far is that a velodrome will be built inside the pavilions. "Sixday" races, an event with roots deeply embedded in Milan’s sport’s history, will be relaunched on this occasion. The track will be used for other purposes, first and foremost the presentation of the Giro d’Italia of 2008. However, the EICMA isn't forgetting about “other bicycles”, those meant for fitness, transportation, or for touring, and is also getting ready to host the first “National Bicycle Conference”, promoted by the Ministry of Environment. The current situation and potential of bicycles will be examined during 5 meetings and as many as 54 workshops.

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  1. I know a bike builder that resides under the fixed velodrome in Milan. His name is Alberto Masi. He builds wonderful bikes. The US importer of these wonderful machines is Greg Honn of Milano Sport. Greg is usually there for this event. He is a friend of mine. Please tell him that cyclingfreddie said "Hello". Hope you enjoy the show......