Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A Visit to the Tour de France, Part II

My friend Eros Poli had brought up the possibility of going to see a Tour de France stage. During the Tour, Eros drives one of the official Tour cars taking 3 VIPs each day, selected by the Tour organization, on a stage. He provides commentary on all the events occurring in the peleton (helped by the "Tour" radio in the car) and offers insights based upon his own personal experiences of riding in multiple Tours.
Eros had said that if I came I would be watching the stage from the "Club Tour de France". Was I in for a surprise for what that was! But, dates and travel still had to be figured but in the end everything fell at the last minute to be at Briancon for Stage 9.

To give you a reference point on the respect that the Tour organization holds for Eros, "Monsieur Mont Ventoux": he is the only Italian working in the Tour de France event.

Photo: Eros in his official Tour SKODA, stage 9.

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