Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A Visit to the Tour de France, Part I

Part I begins at the end of my "A Visit to the Tour de France" story. The winner of Stage 9, Val-d’Isère to Briançon, 159.5km, was Colombian Mauricio Soler of the Barloworld Team. It was a terrific, exciting stage. Congratulations to Soler who today out-climbed, and out-rode, the best in the world. Fantastico!

In seeing Soler at the finish two thoughts came immediately to mind: 1) this is the only guy in the world that has smaller calves than me, 2) he was INCREDIBLY skinny, more-or-less a skeleton with skin attached. I suspect that we was drawn from the day's effort, but still.......yikes.
I was near the finish line in Briancon, standing underneath the 25 Meter (to go) sign. If you look carefully at the first photo (click to expand) right under the 5 (in the 25) you can see me partially in the all white hat with a rim all round, with sunglasses...unfortunately I'm partially blocked...but that's me!
Photos: Soler crossing the finish line, Soler's legs. Photos are from

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