Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Gruppo 1 Annual Dinner & Awards

The Gruppo 1 Annual Dinner was held Friday night at the trattoria “la Pace” in San Massimo. There were approximately 65-70 persons in attendance and, as always, everyone had a good time. Special guests included the main sponsors of the club, Eros Poli, and Brent from Florida who was winding up his visit to Verona.

It was also award night, and Eros Poli was very gracious in doing the honors of handing the awards out. The awards are given to the top three club members based on a participation points system in two categories:

-participation in the raduno series of Verona province
-participation in club rides

The winners for 2007 were:
-for participation in the raduno series (this category is divided by male and female)
male: Renzo C., Galiano G., Beppe A.
female: Gerry L., Daniela A., Marianna B
-for participation in club rides
Renzo C., Franco F., Renzo F. tied with Beppe A.

The President, Beppe A., announced that in the Verona Province Raduno Championship the club placed 3rd in the female category and 6th overall, and 3rd overall (out of 46 clubs) in the Lombardo-Veneto Championship. That was cause for celebration and more toasts.

This Thursday are the elections for Officers and the "Consiglio Direttivo" which should make for an interesting evening.

Photos: coming

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