Friday, November 9, 2007

Milan Bike Show, GOLD Indoor Trainer

One of the interesting products at the show was the GOLD indoor training simulator. Ms. Laura Lugatti was able to describe some of the unique and most important features:

-two small front piston-type elements allow the fork to move both vertically and horizontally permitting a more realistic response to road riding, especially suited for climbers that are accustomed to out of the side climbing and rocking back and forth,
-very silent and easy to maintain system due to the use of electromagnetic braking,
-inclines of up to a 12% slope can be simulated,
-the two rear rollers are balanced and have a large flywheel mass providing for smooth pedaling action,
-available with computer control (for entering your training program), or without

For more information contact:
tel. 0721 987056
I'd love to have one for winter training.

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