Sunday, November 11, 2007

Milan Bike Show, Marchisio Engineering

Jos. Griffioen is the owner of both Marchisio Engineering and Kool-Stop from Asti, Italy. While Kool-Stop brakes are well known, his wheels, innovative cassette system, and cassette transformation systems are less so.

His wheels sets can either be used with Campagnolo or Shimano drivetrains. His hubs have an ingenious finger release/snap on mechanism that allows cassettes to be removed or installed making it a simple operation to switch back and forth between Campy or Shimano.

He also sells kits that allow you to covert from Campy 9 speed to 10, Shimano 9 to 10, Shimano 9/10 to Campy 10, and Campy 9/10 to Shimano 10. Also available are a very large selection of freewheels in almost every conceivable combination from 11-21 to 14-30.

His carbon wheels are Made In Italy with the Carbo Zefir 38 Competition weighing in at 1.240 g. a pair.

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