Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Was Danilo DiLuca Riding Near Lake Garda?

Monday I decided to do an early afternoon ride as the morning temperatures were about -2C but warmed up to 10C by noon. Off I went towards Lake Garda for a leisurely ride. Between Affi and Costermano I was passed by a fast rider whose wheel I jumped on immediately. His companion jumped on my wheel. We were off like a train. Well, for me it was like a train. Gasping for some air from time to time I noticed two things: the rider in front had a straight block cassette which you don't have see in this area due to the numerous climbs, and an LPR jersey which didn't strike a cord with me at the moment nor one I had seen before.

We motored along for awhile when, thankfully (I was cooked), at a roundabout the duo decided to heads towards Lake Garda. As they slowed for their turn I pulled up along the lead rider to says thank you for the pull. At that moment I thought, "Geez, that looks like Danilo DiLuca." As I continued on further north before turning towards the lake I sort of convinced myself that I must have been mistaken.

Today, I read that Danilo DiLuca has signed a contract with the new Italian "LPR Team".

Photo: DiLuca at his contract signing (he's the short one)

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