Friday, November 9, 2007

Milan Bike Show, Velodrome

A fabulous 200 meter wooden track was installed in pavilion 7 and when you heard the music blaring you knew it was time to head to the track.

There were fifteen teams, made up of two riders each. Some of the big names included Bettini, Villa, Ballan, Pozzato, and Popovich.

Here is what Francesco Moser* had to say about it:

Moser, what’s the hardest thing for a road racer to get used to on the track?

“Probably, the steep gradient of the track but fortunately Bettini is not a novice. Last year I saw him race in Germany on the track in the Munich six-day. He was good and I’m sure he’ll do well here.”

What do you think of the velodrome at the Milan show?

“It’s a great idea. Cycling is going through a difficult moment but ideas like this gives cycling extra attention, especially because it’s being held during a major show like EICMA in Milan.”

Track racing is finally back in Milan…

“I’ve been waiting for this since 1985 when the snow brought down the roof of the Vigorelli velodrome and it was never rebuilt. I was told by phone when it happened and remembered that I could train in the track for a long time. Lets hope this helps Milan get a new track.”

*Francesco Moser is one of the greatest track riders; he was world pursuit champion in 1976, world road race champion in 1977 and broke the world hour record in 1984.

Photos: the wood structure, images from races, Francesco Moser

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