Wednesday, January 23, 2008

About Caffe Tubino, Cycling Shoes, and Heart Rate

Finally, a BEAUTIFUL Day! When I peered out a the window at 7:00 a.m. the sunrise was beginning to light up the sky and you could tell it was going to be a wonderfully clear day.

I departed home early at 8:30 a.m. so I could make a couple of stops before the club ride start at 9:30 a.m. The first stop was at Caffe Tubino for a quick espresso to get my engine jump started and warmed up, it was 3C. Caffe Tubino is generally acknowledged as having the best coffee, and friendliest owners, in Verona . The second stop was at bike shop near where our rides start from.

I arrived at the Bianchi dealer just as they opened. I wanted to try out the last pair of somewhat wild Italian cycling shoes they had on sale. The forever LAST pair like this. After 7 years with my Sidi's these shoes felt odd but fit fairly good. So, I told the owner in Italian, "These are pretty wild shoes! I wonder how they will handle rain and getting beat up.". She smiled and said, "These are for riding on Sundays." Yes, a reminder that Italy will always be the land of styling. So, take a look at the photo and leave me a comment about what you think of them. I think I'll have to go back tomorrow.....

At the ride start I learned that most of the Wednesday regulars had decided to go skiing (lots of snow only 1 hour north of Verona). So it was Antonio Paolo, Petra and I. We started fairly briskly but about 10km out were joined by two strongmen from Petra's racing team. After that there was little time to enjoy the scenery as the paced picked up quickly.

We wound our way to Bardolino, Garda, and Torre del Bennaco. We did the Torre climb and descended back to Garda and stopped for an espresso at Bardolino. As we left Bardolino we peeked into Paola Pezzo's shop to see the latest products from Bianchi, Scott, and Specialized. We climbed out of Bardolino and wound our way back to Verona on a stradina (small road) which is virtually deserted all the way to the city's limit.

23 January 2008

Total ride time: 5 hr 07 min

Avg HR 128

Max HR 235; this has to be someone else's! but my Polar is supposed to be coded between the watch and the transmitter. I think I'll have to mount it on my handle bar so I can see what's happening as I never really felt stressed to day.

Photos: early morning sky, Caffe Tubino, "the" shoes, cyclists climbing up from Torre, the reward near the top (over looking Torre del Bennaco)


  1. Are you serious? That's real snake skin, right? Dude, you can't NOT buy them!!

    And... the chicks will dig them.

  2. Those shoes are nice, but they're not as sharp as what the Gruntfester has....

  3. Wow, 235 sound dubious for your age and fitness.