Wednesday, January 9, 2008

First Ride 2008: 9 January

Coupled with the long Italian holiday season, ending January 6th, and a stretch of bad weather the first club ride wasn't until today. At that, the weather was iffy in Verona with heavy early morning fog. With other club members still taking advantage of good skiing conditions to the north the result was that only 5 riders were at the 9:30 a.m. start.

Only myself and Paolo had been riding somewhat regularly during the last month while Gianni, Barbara and Ester had taken a one month break, two weeks of which they spent skiing in the Dolomites. The pace to Bardolino was nice and easy and as we approached the lake the fog lifted and we were treated to a sunny day. Stopping for our traditional espressos we caught up on everyone's activities during the holiday.

We then headed back to Boscomantico for lunch. The special today was pasta with rabbit meat. In about 3 weeks one of my favorite dishes will be available again, "renga". Renga is a fish dish served with polenta, and it's only made during the period of Carnavale. One of the beautifies of Italy is the diversity of the cuisine and there coupling to traditions; one of the maddening things is that when you like something you might have to wait another year before you can eat it again.

Photo: on the way to Lake Garda

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