Thursday, January 24, 2008

Street Surfaces in Verona

While most of the streets in Verona are paved with asphalt there are still a many streets, and piazzas, that are paved with various types of other materials. The most dangerous are these large blocks which have many seams, missing chunks, and are uneven; also very, very slippery in the rain:

These small cobbles are good to ride on but you have to be on the alert for ones that are missing, I think tourists take them as souvenirs. And in some spots the blocks meet the cobbles:

There are a few places that have river rock and there is usually a strip to ride your bike. The strip can be a granite or marble. Riding on wet marble is like riding on ice.

I typically ride on each of these surfaces to get to the ride starts. I've had a few close calls.....

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