Monday, January 14, 2008

Wet Ride

It's been tough to get a ride in but today there was a break in the rain so I went off on still very wet roads. I decided to start extending my mileage so the plan was to continue to focus on "agilita" and visit Torre del Bennaco for some photographs.

Even on not-so-nice days there are plenty of riders on the roads. As I enjoy a spirited ride so much I jumped on the wheels of a strong guy and we took turns at the front from Domegliara all the way to Torre del Bennaco. Some short climbs were involved and I was spinning rather furiously in my 39 while the strong guy was churning a 50 or 52.

I pulled off in Torre and took a few minutes to take some photos of the small harbor, the very calm lake under an interesting sky, and my Malagnini bike.

From Torre I went back, south, along the lake road and stopped at an overlook just before reaching Garda for a few more photos.

At this time of the year the lake towns are virtually deserted. There is also a lot of construction taking place, new construction and renovations as everyone prepares for yet another season of the onslaught of tourists.

I shouldn't complain about wet roads. Back in NJ, I wouldn't have been riding.

Photos: tranquility on the lake as seen from Torre del Bennaco, 2 harbor photos at Torre, the sky from Garda (the town), home in NJ today

Polar data:
14 Jan 2008
Total ride time: 4 hr. 32 min
HR avg: 135
HR max: 202

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  1. Well, Maybe in North Jersey. Philly and Cherry Hill were spared and today I rode about 40miles w/a friend. It was chilly and the end of the ride was met w/a snow squall, but 40miles is 40miles. Last week temps were kinder (in the 60's). It's been an up and down winter weatherwise as we expereince the drearies as well as bright sunny crisp days. The long range looks bleak with cold temps (highs in the 20's and 30's F) and possible snow forecast for next week. Love the pics. Thanks, David