Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Want To Know The Weather In Italy?

The best website I've found for weather predictions is http://www.meteo.it/. I have found it to be very accurate. Unfortunately, I've been having to use this site much too frequently lately.

For Italy:
-click on the map of Italy on the left side (says ITALIA);
-a window will pop up with a large map of Italy; click on the region you are interested in
-the forecast is presented using the 24 hour clock, it will cycle through this automatically or you can select the 6 hour time you are interested for the current day ("OGGI"). The default display is the weather "TEMPO" but you can also select temperature "TEMPERATURA" or sea and wind conditions "MARE E VENTO".
-you can also select DOMANI to see the weather for tomorrow; in all you can look at 6 days with the last two being long term predictions.

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  1. Back in NJ, weather started out today sunny and cold - ended up snowy and cold! Temps in the mid 30's (F, that is).
    Got in around 20 miles on the mountain bike over the unpaved back roads of Bedminster (Larger Cross/Spook Hollow/Holland). Exhilarating, but my feet were frozen by the end of the ride. Can't wait for more of that global warming weather!!!