Sunday, November 8, 2009

Alfa Romeo Competizione, the Bike

Being familiar with the Colnago-Ferrari collaboration, the Maserati by Milani Cycles, I was caught by surprise of a new one for me: an Alfa Romeo "Competizione" frame that showed up on ebay in the USA.

Some investigation resulted in finding this (undated) information:
"Compagnia Ducale and Centro Stile Alfa Romeo are pleased to present the prestigious line of Alpha Romeo bicycles. Alfa Romeo has chosen to extend the value and diffusion of its brand through an unusual type of product, the bicycle, able to convey the values of Italianism, sport and elegance, with a positive connotation of reference to the protection of the environment and the promotion of the well-being and psycho-physical health of individuals.

This choice led to the decision to launch a line of bicycles, not customised, but made ad hoc, designed directly by the Centro Stile Alfa Romeo and manufactured in Italy by master craftsmen, using cutting-edge technology component parts.
In so doing, the parent company once again stands out as a brand able to best combine tradition and innovation, presenting itself with an original and top-quality product. Upmarket bicycles, at the very top of their categories, consistent in terms of price and quality with those of major competitors. Products that represent a breakthrough and a valid alternative with respect to other well-known proposals, able to convey new suggestions and new values, those of the Alfa Romeo marque.

And so it is that, after a first fleeting glimpse of the marque, attention inevitably focuses on the details: innovative designs, with frames made in Italy by master craftsmen and cutting-edge technology component parts, for performances able to satisfy even the most discerning cyclists.

Each Alfa Romeo bicycle directly takes its inspiration, in terms of lines and volumes, from outstanding Alfa Romeo cars: Stradale super-sport which recalls the lines of the Scudetto, the Cross mountain bike, based on the Kamal crossover concept car,has the particular with Scudetto and Competizione, which bears the name of the Alfa Romeo 8c Competizione, the exclusive limited-edition car.

Each Alfa Romeo Bicycle has an original line, always appealing and nice to look at and touch. Each reveals itself to be a one-of-a-kind and exclusive product, with its own reference target, according to specific structural details and intended use.
And here, in detail is how the perfect synergy came about between Compagnia Ducale and Centro Stile Alfa Romeo.

ALFA ROMEO COMPETIZIONE: The splendid racing bike.
This is the showpiece of the Alfa Romeo Bicycle line.
The affinity is Alfa Romeo and the racing world.
The Alfa Romeo Competizione line, sculpted by the wind, develops fluidly around the two wheels, thanks to a strong and compact carbon-steel frame, the transposition of the side panel of the prestigious 8c Competizione vehicle, after which the bike is named.

Alfa Romeo Competizione is beautiful and sensual, sparkling in the red version, exciting in the black. The red colour is the same as the limited edition vehicle. This is the refined 8c red, the evolution of the legendary red colour of Alfa Romeo competition cars. The velvety and appealing black colour defines the slim line of the bike, making it sublimely elegant.

This bicycle has a unique, elegant and sinuous line, but is at the same time strong and compact, able to cater for the needs of even the most discerning cyclist in terms of performance and lightweight movement. The riding position ensures reliability and comfort and makes Alfa Romeo Competizione the ideal bike for conveying strong emotions, to be experienced.

The bicycle has a starting price of € 4,850 and is available in various versions: Record Fashion (with Bora wheels), Record (with Eurus wheels) and Chorus (with Zonta wheels).

In detail, the “AR Competizione Record Fashion” de-luxe version combines an ultra-light HM40 carbon frame made by master craftsmen with all-Italian hi-tech components. This bike features an integrated seat post, Record Ultra Torque CT Carbon crankset and ultra Bora profile wheels.

Alfa Romeo 8c Competizione is made tailored to the build of its owner. It is a one-of-a-kind bicycle distinguished by painstaking care for technical and aesthetic details."

Photos: photos at top are from the ebay USA listing

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  1. It would be nice if they sold these at Chrysler dealerships.

  2. I don't like 'wishbone' seat stays. Other than that a very pretty bike.